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Yandex beats Google to infinite scrolling results – sort of…

Yandex has launched a new approach to its search engine results pages. Following experiments which have been carried out during the summer, Yandex now has “Infinite Scrolling” search results pages.

The way this works is that there is an additional button under the search results called “10 More Results”. On the graphic below this is the button which shows top left beginning with what looks like a capital “E”.


Yandex ten more results button for its infinite scroll results pages

When you click the “10 More Results” button, the next set of ten results appear, but you do not lose the original ten you had found.

Yandex reports that a third of user browse through the results pages at least once a week, 10% scan up to ten pages and 20% return to the previous page. These figures conflict with the accepted view that people “Only look at the first 10 results”.

With the new approach, users can get as many results as they want on one page. They can also refine their query at any time since the search box is visible at all times even when scrolling down.


The persistent Yandex search box on its infinite scrolling search results pages

Google already uses the infinite scroll approach for images and has been testing implement infinite scroll results for web results. Yandex has beaten Google to the gun, but their infinite scroll still requires a click to trigger it. Google’s approach with images is simply to have new images appear as you keep on scrolling down.

I would like to bet Google will use that form of infinite scroll on its results and the buttonless approach will ultimately become the norm.

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Andy Atkins-Kruger

CEO at Webcertain
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