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Baidu's Yi OS To Power Dell In China

Baidu, China’s top online search engine, teamed up with Dell to integrate the Yi OS, an Android alternative, into Dell’s smart phones and tablets manufactured in China. Baidu’s Yi OS has some tough competion in China with Nokia and Alibaba. Alibaba recently released it’s Aliyun OS, a Linux-based operating system, on a Chinese-manufactured smartphone.

The Chinese mobile market is growing at an incredible page with over 900 million mobile subscribers and over 350 million mobile Internet users, buying 250 million new handsets each year according to this article by Alvin Wang Graylin at this Click Z article

The main competition comes from Apple and Lenovo with Apple leading the way, in fanatical fan behaviour at least, as highlighted by these stories on TechCrunch – girls giving up theirvirginity for an iPhone 4 and a Chinese teenager selling his kidney for an iPad 2.

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