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Yandex keeps pace up in Russian PPC Market

Back in June we discussed the launch of Yandex Direct, from Russia’s largest Search Engine. While Yandex still dominates the market with a 52% share, Google has begun to catch up with recent figures showing 16% (a climb of 10% since June).

This competition can not have escaped the attention of Yandex and they have now made significant improvements to their PPC system with the launch of their AutoBroker system. AutoBroker allows marketers to specify maximum bid prices and then lowers itself to the optimum position to avoid over-payment. This is adjusted in real time so there is less need to constently track competitor campaigns.

As Evgeniy Lomize, Department Head of Advertising Technology explains, “A year ago users of Yandex Direct used only two or three keywords, but recently the average number of keywords has exceeded 10. The clients of Yandex Direct are learning more and becoming better at adjusting their own advertising campaigns. So we have helped by giving them more exact and economical instrument of control”.

Currently Yandex Direct is serving more than 10 thousand advertising campaigns on more then 200’000 keywords.

Source: http://company.yandex.ru/news/2005/0831/index.xml

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2 Responses to Yandex keeps pace up in Russian PPC Market

  1. Konstantin says:

    Yes, and from 6 September Yandex opened its representative office in Ukraine. One more big national market for Yandex Direct.

  2. Yandex Big In Russia, Google Gaining

    The new Multilingual Search blog has a short brief on Russian search engine Yandex, apparently the most popular in the country. But Google is gaining. It points to a stats service here for Russian search engines. I can’t say how valid the figures are …

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