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1st Internet and Business Conference held in Russia

The conference season in Russia has taken a great leap forward today with the announcement of a new summit targeted at RuNet e-commerce. The conference has been organised by the leading lights of Russian internet – including the search engines Yandex, Rambler and Mail.ru.

The agenda for the conference is copied below, some very interesting topics have made it onto the list.

  • Russian Internet user: dynamics and prospects
  • Business models for internet companies
  • Legislation on conducting internet business in Russia
  • Current state and future prospects for internet advertising
  • Telecommunication services (VoIP, ISP, ASP etc.)
  • Information safety
  • The internet and traditional media
  • Innovation technologies and the Web 2.0. Business model
  • Communication services and social networks
  • Online payments and electronic trade
  • E-recruitment and tele-work
  • The mobile internet

The event is to be held on the 20th – 21st of April 2006, at the picturesque Bohr hotel-complex on the outskirts of Moscow (close to Domodedovo airport). The conference is completely free for attendees, tickets and more information can be found on the c-ib.ru web site (Russian Only).

Surprisingly there is no mention of Google either supporting or attending the event. As the third most popular search engine in Russia they hold 13% market share, MSN and Yahoo! follows them with 2.0% and Yahoo! trails in at 0.6%.

This promises to be a great event and a unique opportunity to talk with the companies shaping internet marketing in Russia. I have my ticket so you can expect some on-site interviews and coverage from the conference.

Source: Yandex News | C-ib.ru

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3 Responses to 1st Internet and Business Conference held in Russia

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  3. Nick Wilsdon says:

    Welcome back from China David! I look forward to catching up on news from the China SES.

    Yes I would have thought Google would play a part in this conference – it really seems a ground breaking event and is being widely advertised here. I’ll be meeting up with the Yandex team there and looking to see what’s on the horizon in 06/07 here in Russia.

    I’m surprised that Baidu was absent from the SES there in China, Yandex is very keen to play the lead here but this is very much a Russian affair – none of the talks will be in English AFAIK (certainly the web site isn’t even translated).

    It would be great to get the ball rolling on a Russian SES to encourage more interaction between Western and Russian companies with a multilingual conference for all parties.

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