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Italian communications authority approves VoIP legislation

The Italian Communications Authority has recently deliberated and approved one of the first set of rules and regulations addressing the VoIP sector in rapid growth.

The newly approved legislation introduces the prefix 5 to identify so called “nomad” telecommunications which use the Internet to make and receive telephone calls. The peculiarity of VoIP-In telephone numbers addressed by recent legislation is their independence from geographical location. At the same time VoIP-In numbers will be subjected to existing rules that foresee number portability and the possibility to make public utility emergency calls.

Further information will soon be available from the Italian Communications Authority official website.

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Sante J. Achille

2 Responses to Italian communications authority approves VoIP legislation

  1. Sante Achille says:

    Politicians and government have devoted attention to the evolution of the internet and internet related technologies. In my opinion this is more than just another political movement to attract attention, especially with imminent general elections under way. The point is that Italy suffers from a long term economical stagnation that requires immediate attention as recently pointed out by Mario Draghi of the Banca d’Italia: Digital infrastructures are a fundamental component of our economy. To give you an example, I sit as an external member of a regional committee (in Abruzzo) called C.R.I.T. (Comitato Regionale per l’Informatica e la Telematica). This body is a consultant to regional government identifying priorities and strategic projects to be developed in favor of local communities. In this respect ADSL, wireless networks, and VoIP are in the highest priority.

  2. unamico says:

    I did not understand what exactly this means from the point of view of development of VoIP sector in Italy: is this a progressive turn or just another political movement…

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