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Europe studies the Web 2.0 phenomenon with TAGora

TAGora is a Research Project funded by the European Union. The TAGora project aims at exploiting the unique opportunities offered by the increasing popularity of computer-mediated social interaction and social networks.

The project will develop along several lines:

  • A systematic and rigorous data collection campaign that will produce reference datasets and make them available to the scientific community at large.
  • The design and implementation of innovative techniques and tools for the analysis and mining of data.
  • The construction and validation of modeling schemes for the observed phenomenology, involving the comparison of experimental data, simulation and theoretical constructions.
  • The design and deployment of innovative, proof-of-concept tools aimed at better structuring and navigating information.

The kick off meeting was held on July 14th. The evolution of the project can be followed via the blog.

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Sante J. Achille

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