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European Interactive Advertising Association Report Dec. 2010

The European Interactive Advertising Association has published the EIAA European Media Landscape Report Summary December 2010 Key FIndings of the report: Key findings 521m 16+ year old people in the 15 European countries sampled According to EIAA’s latest Mediascope Europe study 76% (396m) of all 16+ year old people across 15 European markets surveyed use different media simultaneously with almost a third (30%) using the internet whilst they watch TV A third (33%) of Europeans cannot live without the internet, equal to the percentage of Europeans who claim they cannot live without TV 54% (279m) of Europeans use the internet in a typical week spending 12.1 hours online 16‐24 year olds use the internet more frequently than they watch TV – 79% of this younger demographic use the internet between 5 and 7 days each week while 76% watch TV as regularly More than 8 in 10 (83%) online Europeans use a broadband connection and over half (52%) of these broadband users are wireless The most popular web activities amongst all European internet users include; email (76%), communicating via social networking sites (45%) instant messaging (40%) watching film, TV or video clips (32%) contributing to ratings and reviews (27%) … Read More

Statistics on Internet Usage in Italy September 2010

Audiweb published a new report new on Internet usage in Italy based on data harvested in September 2010: 32,9 million Italians between 11 and 74 are now connected to the Internet “on a permanent basis” i.e. from “anywhere” with “any device” during the last year mobile internet access has increased 26,1% reaching 11% of the active population during the month of September 2010 24 million Italians surfed the web at least once from a PC Domestic use of the Web increased by 14,3% now reaching 12 million families – approximately half of those with at least one family member in their 70s and have access via a computer (personal, company owned, or television) 67,8% of those families connected (8,4 million) rely on high speed DSL or optical fiber access with a flat contract (92,6%): 22,2% rely on mobile wireless USB devices (2,7 million) On an average day there are:    3,7 million active users from the north west 2 million from the north east 2 million from central Italy 3,7 million from Southern Italy and the Islands Source: Audiweb … Read More

Audiweb Publishes Online Statistics February 2010

Audiweb, the Italian organisation providing data on the use of the Internet and on-line audiences, has published statistics related to the month of February 2010: There were 22,9 million active users in February 2010 On an average day 11,8 million users were active for 1 hour and 41 minutes Each user viewed 182 pages Males residing in the north west of Italy are the most active The online audience grew by 13% on a monthly basis and by 16,9% on a daily basis The average number of page viewes fell by 7,1% online time spent fell by 6,7% On an average day: 6,7 million men, and 5,1 million women were online Adults 35-54 were 45% while the age group 25-34 were 22% of those online 25% of the population is in the north west of Italy (3,7 million users) 22% in the north east (2 million) 22% in central Italy (2,2 million) 18% are on the south and Islands (3,6 million)
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ISS – targeting the Latin American markets

How to Target Key Latin American Markets Ana Leckenby – WebCertain Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries total more than 200 million worldwide – an interesting audience. There are a number of economies that have survived difficult times – for example … Read More

ISS: Search in Holland (the Netherlands)

Search in Holland the Dutch use Google – 94% localisation is the primary factor 17 million people – high density Kingdom democracy 70% speak English 60% speak German Dutch are very much online 85% are online, mostly youngsters starting from … Read More

ISS – Search in Japan

Motoko Hunt – AJPR 94 million users 4% using devices other than PC or mobile, such as TV and Playstation 90% 14-49 are on the internet 99% of business with 50% of them on Ecommece Country code in japanese characters … Read More

ISS – Using Online PR for Links

Kristjan Mar Hauksson – Nordic eMarketingGround rules no distribution of the same text to multiple locations re-write to two or three versions write it short and scalable do not spam it with links 2 or 3 at the most Try … Read More

ISS: Digital assets and digital asset management

Universal Search and Digital Asset Optimisation Anne Kennedy – Beyond Ink Universal Search – more content from the databases to get quicker to the information, created more ways to increase brand engagement and conversion. We are actually doing marketing Why … Read More