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Australian Court ruling could impact search

The Australian Federal Court ruled against a web site that provided links to illegal download sites and the ISP that provided hosting for the site.

The Associated Press reported the court’s ruling could have impact on search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

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4 Responses to Australian Court ruling could impact search

  1. AussieWebmaster says:

    They definitely had a certain amount of culpability in the methodology…

  2. Ian McAnerin says:

    If I remember correctly from this case at the lower level (this newspaper clipping is really short on details) the site in question was actually directly linking to the files in general.

    Rather than linking to the site or page hosting the files, this site was linking to the actual MP3’s – in essence, using the other sites as remote storage.

    From the users perspective, they clicked on the link, and the music either began to download or play. There was no visual indication there was another site involved.


  3. AussieWebmaster says:

    I think as a start to set rules for websites that host illegal download links.
    The more important is the culpibility of the ISP – so they start looking and pull down sites like that. Make them police and the sites go away.

  4. David Temple says:

    Guilty by association I guess. I’d love to see them take on Google for this, in fact why did they pick on the little guy? To send a message I suppose.

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