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Blogs to be censored in China

Once again the fear of freedom has pushed the Chinese government to censorship. This time blogs are the target.

According to Reuters, “the director of China’s General Administration of Press and Publication, Long Xinmin, said the administration was forming rules to further regulate Internet publishing, including the country’s legions of bloggers.”

Over the past four years blogs in China have grown from just over a million to more than 34 million.

Funny how everyone thought it would be consumerism that would be the undoing of communism – and to a point that is true of Germany and the Berlin Wall – but in the case of China it looks like a true desire for freedom – especially freedom of expression – that could be the impetus for the downfall of last bastion of Marxist philosophy.

The bloggers are not writing about other cultures – they are talking about life, business and ideas in their own country.

I think Mao would have skipped the book and written the Little Red Blog.

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6 Responses to Blogs to be censored in China

  1. ugyen says:

    http://worldblogcollection.blogspot.com/ & http://ugyendorji.blogspot.com/
    i checked via some checker online..and saw that it’s banned!!! 🙂

  2. AussieWebmaster says:

    What is the blog? We would be interested in knowing.

  3. ugyen says:

    Yea, you rite… my blogs are censored in china!!!!

  4. AussieWebmaster says:

    I would be nice if they realised they are more likely to cause revolution by stopping blogs than if they let them go… everyone loves to bitch… and there are not 34 million looking to protest.. just grip a little… turn off that ability and you unite the group to a common cause.

  5. China Law Blog says:

    Not a done deal yet. Just one (important) person talking.

  6. David Temple says:

    I think you’re right. Mao would blog and then he would say, “everybody, blog like me, go ahesd, say whatever is on your mind”. Once they did he would have them all arrested.

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