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Zanna Spink

Zanna has been working in the digital marketing field since gaining a university degree in Computer Science and Engineering. She is a real people person, and her career in client services successfully marries her personality to her knowledge. With more than 15 years’ experience in marketing in B2B and B2C with companies operating worldwide, Zanna enjoys keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices, developing the digital marketing strategies contributing to her clients’ success together with them, and coordinating projects to make their fulfilment possible. Zanna is originally from Latvia, and now lives in the UK.

How to manage an international team remotely

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What is multichannel marketing?

At its simplest, multichannel marketing is the practice of delivering marketing information via multiple channels. When doing this, focus on your message – and choose whichever channel is most appropriate for delivering that message. By embracing multichannel marketing, you enable … Read More

Russians use Yandex abroad

Why Russians living abroad prefer Yandex to Google

Over 27 million Russians live outside of Russia, as well as an extra few million Russian-speakers. Although many will adopt the language of their new home, this massive community still widely use their mother-tongue – including communication in virtual space. … Read More