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What is multichannel marketing?

At its simplest, multichannel marketing is the practice of delivering marketing information via multiple channels. When doing this, focus on your message – and choose whichever channel is most appropriate for delivering that message.

By embracing multichannel marketing, you enable yourself to be present across all the different places where your customers love to go as they flit about the internet. This benefits you both. It benefits you because it increases the number of times customers see your brand and are exposed to your marketing. It benefits your customers because it makes it easier for them to get in contact with you via their channel of choice when they decide to do so.

Things to think about when doing international multichannel marketing

When coming up with your multichannel marketing strategy, it is important that the different channels work together in synergy, rather than being completely separate. It is also important that your marketing activities are tailored for each particular online channel – i.e. that you use the right format and put across the most relevant content for the stage of the customer journey that that channel is most suited to. It is a good idea to use an editorial calendar to tie your efforts together with a clear structural plan.

It is also very important to put some effort into setting up your analytics. By looking at the data collected from each channel, you can gain a clearer understanding of your audience’s behaviour in each channel, which should help increase sales by allowing you to create more personalised offers.

If you are doing multichannel marketing on an international scale, remember that customer behaviour differs significantly from country to country, so there might be differences in what devices they use, which formats they prefer to consume content in, and which platforms they use.

Leveraging “big rock” content for multichannel campaigns

“Big rock” content is the best friend of multichannel marketing campaigns. It refers to a substantial piece of content from which lots of smaller pieces of promotional content can be created. These smaller content pieces can each be promoted separately, forming the campaign.

By promoting all these different types of content across your various channels, you can run a strong campaign without feeling like you are bombarding people with the same stuff. The more content formats are used, the higher the likelihood of attracting people’s attention, as different people prefer different ways of consuming content and respond better to different styles.

I hope this blog post has given you a useful introduction to international multichannel marketing. For more in-depth information, read my free, full-length guide here. The guide covers:

  • what multichannel marketing is and why it is important
  • how to leverage “big rock” content for multichannel campaigns
  • channel 1: your website
  • channel 2: PPC
  • channel 3: social media
  • channel 4: email marketing
  • channel 5: mobile marketing
  • channel 6: offline marketing
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