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Baidu's Yi OS To Power Dell In China

Baidu, China’s top online search engine, teamed up with Dell to integrate the Yi OS, an Android alternative, into Dell’s smart phones and tablets manufactured in China. Baidu’s Yi OS has some tough competion in China with Nokia and Alibaba. … Read More

Google eyes Indonesia office

Google plans to open offices in Jakarta, Indonesia by the end of 2011 according to spokesman Yopie Hidayat after talks between Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google and Indonesia’s Vice President Boediono . Indonesia is the largest online market in … Read More

Baidu Offers A New Web Browser

Baidu, (BIDU) China’s largest search engine, unveiled the beta version of it’s new web browser. The Baidu browser contains more than 30,000 apps which connects users to online games, videos and other tools. The web browser is reported to have … Read More

China Mobile, Xinhua to develop new search engine

China Mobile, the world’s biggest cellphone carrier and Xinhua, China’s official state run news agency, signed an agreement to establish a new Internet search engine and international media company, “Search Engine New Media International Communications Co.” It was not immediately … Read More

GoDaddy, Network Solutions join the China bailout

GoDaddy, the world’s largest domain name registration company, stopped registering websites in China on Wednesday after it received demands for additional information about its existing customers. This was revealed in Congressional hearings focusing on Google’s decision to stop censoring search … Read More

Google threatens to exit China

Google has threatened to withdraw from China after a cyber attack out of China tried to break into the Gmail accounts of human rights activists. They also targeted twenty other companies. In a blog post Google said it experienced a … Read More

Baidu to provide wireless search for China Unicom

Baidu, China’s leading search engine announced yesterday that it has signed an agreement with China Unicom to provide wireless search. China Unicom is the country’s second largest cell phone operator with 141 million mobile users. China Telecom, the largest cell … Read More

Baidu staff strike over new salary system

Employees from Baidu’s South China subsidiary went on strike protesting changes to the new salary system which became effective May 1 of this year as reported by 163.com. The employees signed a new salary agreement in late April and are … Read More

Baidu censorship documents leaked

A set of internal working documents from the censorship department at Baidu, China’s largest search engine, were recently leaked. These documents are quickly appearing on blogs, forums and across the internet both in China and around the world. A China … Read More

Baidu tops revenue forecasts

Baidu (BIDU), China’s leading search engine reported first-quarter net income grew 24%. Baidu’s total revenues in the first quarter of 2009 were CNY810.7 million (USD 118.76 million), a 41.1% increase from the corresponding period in 2008. Net income for the … Read More

Baidu accused of being a monopoly

Baidu.com, China’s leading search engine company, has been accused of being a monopoly by the Tangshan Renren Information Service Company (TRISC) who is demanding more than 1.1 million renminbi (USD $160,000) in compensation. The suit was opened at the Beijing … Read More