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Broadband Infrastructure in Italy Report Tackles Divide – April 2010


The observatory for high speed broadband internet access ha released a summary report describing regional models to eliminate the so called digital divide.

The results of the study were presented on April 14th and the executive summary released to the general public with statistics updated to December 2009:

  • The number of high speed DLS connections had increased by 300.000 w.r.t. the previous trimester reaching 12.4 million connections
  • The extension of backbone and MAN networks had increased by 4% and 3% over the previous year – a total of 9 million Km of optical fiber installed
  • 96% of the population was reached by DLS connections, reduced to 87% when considering over extended telephone lines, obsolete infrastructures not supporting broadband internet access with speeds grater than 2 Mbit/s
  • 2nd generation broadband internet access (ADSL 2+) reached 62% of the population – a 5% increase over 2008
  • Smaller rural communities reach a 75% max coverage
  • UMTS reaches 95% of the population +2% over 2008 equaled by HSDPA which rose by 3%
  • Hyperlan technology reached 15% of the population in 5.400 communes
  • WiMAX reached 4% of the population (500 communes) +1% over 2008   

The executive summary in Italian is available for download here.

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Sante J. Achille

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