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Number of Bulgarian .bg domains growing slowly

The Bulgarian country Top Level Domain (TLD) ‘bg’ is registering slow growth in number of active domains in 2005. At the end of August 2005 the number of registered ‘bg’ TLDs is only 4092. The growth rate now is a couple domains per day, which is slow, compared to other European countries, and far from enough to catch up with them in the near future.

According to ‘Vitosha Research’ slow registration procedures and high prices offered by the monopolist in ‘bg’ TLD registration ‘Register.BG’ are the main reasons for the slow growth in ‘bg’ TLD registrations. Many Bulgarian companies prefer registering domains like ‘name-bg.com’ instead of ‘name.bg’.

Bulgaria is also falling behind in terms of DNS hosts. Hungary, which is almost the size of Bulgaria in terms of population and internet usage, had almost eight times the Bulgarian DNS hosts in 2004.

However, when TLDs com, net, org, info and biz registered by Bulgarian citizens or firms are counted Bulgaria sits comfortably in 39-th place in the world with its 41 480 domains. It is close to Portugal and Taiwan and ahead of Hungary, Ukraine, Greece, Romania and Serbia and Montenegro. The most prefered TLD is ‘.com’. Second by a large margin comes the ‘net’ TLD.
Vitosha Research

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