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SEM Conference Bulgaria – 2009

For the first time a search engine marketing conference if to take place in Bulgaria. The event is named “SEO Conference 2009” and it has every chance to become *the* web event of the year (in Bulgaria). The main purpose … Read More

Vertical search engines in Bulgaria

The vertical search field in Bulgaria has seen some development in the last six to 12 months and in this post I will try to cover the current situation and outline the future trends. Only two years ago virtually no … Read More

Diri.bg: New Bulgarian search engine

Dir.bg, one of the first and largest web portals in Bulgaria has just announced on its website the launch of a new standalone service – Diri.bg. “Diri” in Bulgarian is an old-style word for “Tarsi”(v), meaning – “Search”. This new … Read More

iGoogle in 13 new languages

13 may be a fatal number, but obviously not at Google. Announcment on the Official Google Blog says that iGoogle has been localized for 13 new languages. Users speaking – Arabic – Bulgarian – Catalian – Croatian – Icelandic – … Read More

Online advertising spending in Bulgaria up by 110% in just one year

The agency controlled online advertising market in Bulgaria grows 110% from 2005 to 2006 shows a recent study by Investor.bg. Advertisers spend 5.6 million leva (3.8 mln USD) through advertising agencies and media shops during 2005. In 2006 spending increases rapidly to 12.5 mln. leva (8.6 mln USD) and is expected to reach 20 mln. leva in 2007 (13.7 mln. USD). This implies a 60% growth in internet advertisng for 2007. … Read More

The battle for wireless internet in Bulgaria

A little battle took place today on an auction for the Bulgarian national A-class Wireless Network licence. All top players in the Bulgarian communications industry were there bidding for 2 licences which allow the building of national-wide wireless network in … Read More