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China online spending increases nearly 50%

According to the Internet Guide 2007, a recently released report from the Internet Society of China, Internet users in China spent RMB 276.76 billion ($35.5 billion) on Internet services in 2006. This represents an increase of nearly 50 percent over the previous year.

Spending was mainly on services like Internet connections, online shopping and online games and the average user spent RMB 170 ($ 21.80). The number of internet users also increased to 136 million by the end of 2006from 111 million in 2005. Other interesting facts in the report include;

China Online Advertising grew over 50 percent to RMB 5 billion ($638 million), in 2006, up from RMB 3.3 billion ($423 million) in 2005.

At 5 billion yuan ($638 million), online advertising still accounts for a slim 1.8% of the total Internet market spending.

The China search engine market grew toRMB 1.57 billion ($201 million) in 2006 from RMB 1.05 billion ($134 million) in 2005.

80 percent of Chinese users search on Baidu, while 36 percent used Google and 26 percent used Yahoo! China

*1 Chinese yuan = 0.128239654 U.S. dollars

Source: Xinhua

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