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China's leading search engine launches "Baidupedia"

Baidu, China’s leading search engine, launched a censored version of the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia. The website Baike.Baidu.com is also referred to as “Baidupedia”. Late last year China blocked all access to Wikipedia.

Registered users can contribute but Baidu also hires “experts” to “ensure the quality of entries and keep the site free of advertisements and junk information”, the Shanghai Daily newspaper quoted a Baidu official as saying. “This is necessary in order to enhance the experience of our users,” Baidu marketing director Bian Jiang was quoted as saying.

世界厕所组织 ( 贡献者:helloxiaomei ) 精彩词条http://baike.baidu.com/lemma-php/uploadimg/7/11474892679741246.jpg

说起“世界贸易组织”,很多人不陌生。可很少有人知道,世界上不只一个“世界贸易组织”。除了众所周知的世界贸易组织外,还有一个带着马桶盖的“世界贸易组织”:World Toilet Organization——世界厕所组织 ,它也简称世界贸易组织。 世界厕所组织是一个非政府性的组织,成立于2001年,由新加坡共和国洗手间协会、日本厕所协会、韩国清洁厕所协会、中国台湾厕所协会联合创立的,总部设在新加坡共和国。世界厕所组织致力于……

This entry is about the world restroom organization, a non-government organization, established in 2001, by the Singapore Republic Washroom Association, the Japanese Restroom Association, the South Korean Clean Restroom association and the Chinese Taiwan Restroom Association. An entry about the World Toilet Organization can also be found in Wikipedia.

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  1. Ernie Diaz says:

    Funny stuff. Hope everyone’s sitting down, but the Chinese Internet, like everything else produced here, is a cheap, substandard knock-off copy of the Western Internet. Baike tries to provide some substance,mostly with Wikipedia plagiarism.

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