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New domain rules in Denmark. No more anonymity

As per August 1st one can no longer keep their personal information secret in the DK-Hostmaster [The danish body responsible for handeling the .dk domain] database. Up until August anyone could choose to hide their personal information from the who-is … Read More

Iceland leading in broadband usage

Iceland (pop 300.000) is the most web-savvy country – a recent study shows it has the highest concentration of broadband users. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) found that broadband was also widespread in South Korea, the Netherlands … Read More

The Search Engine Landscape in Denmark

Inspired by Kristjan’s post about Iceland, here is a short run down of the Search Engine Landscape in Denmark The search market in Denmark has historically, until the worldwide Google dominance, been driven by local directory Jubii (sold to Swedish … Read More