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Datenschutz: Study Shows That Germans Do Not Feel At All Safe Online

According to a study done by BITKOM on the German online market around 55% of German Internet users don’t think that their data is safe and 16% feel that their data is not safe so do not use the Internet to buy items online and 28% do not practice banking online.

What is surprising is the how this splits between age groups at it seems that older users trust the Internet more than the young. 47% of those that took part in the research said that they were unsure of how they could protect their personal data and 72% want the state to regulate what happens online, specifically privacy.

The biggest surprise is the number of people asked that 39% of those asked said that they would prefer to send sensitive documents through traditional mail instead of communicating online, through email or other channels.

You can read more about this report online

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Kristjan Mar Hauksson

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