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Ebay launches mobile auction service in China

Chinese auction website eBay Eachnet has launched a mobile based auction platform with Tom Online. Under the agreement Tom Online provides wireless technology for eBay Eachnet. This new platform will allow users to do their shopping through any WAP-enabled mobile phones.

eBay Eachnet is competing with Taobao.com, China’s most-used online auction site, a division of Alibaba.com. According to Analysys International, a technology research firm in China, Tabao.com had a 57.7 percent market share compared to eBay Eachnet with 31.5 percent of the market in 2005.

Besides Tom Online, eBay Eachnet will also cooperate with other wireless value-added operators. Taobao users can list their items without paying fees. eBay Eachnet has also eliminated some of its usual fees in order to stay competitive.

Sources: China Tech News The Standard

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3 Responses to Ebay launches mobile auction service in China

  1. Avatarauction sites says:

    Yeah, that is probably good but only for Brazilian people/market.

  2. Avataronline auction says:

    It has been so unfortunate for eBay, but they have not been able to compete on the Asian market. They need to figure out a different type approach.

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