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Email Marketing in Italy

ContactLab, the Digital Direct Marketing Division of Tomato Interactive has published a study on Email Marketing in Italy.

The report is available for download here (after a short registration process).

A few interesting findings of the survey:

  • An estimated 50 million active Email boxes in Italy
  • An average of nearly 3 Emails per user
  • 82% of those surveyed used a PC, 58,4% a portable, 14,1% a phone (non blackberry), 2,7% blackberry, 4,0% PDA/Tablet PC
  • Users receive an average of 18,5 per day
  • Users are subscribed to an average of 6,3 mailing lists, mostly related to travel and tourism, fixed and mobile telephone services, news and information, eCommerce, Online Communities, Internet, Financial Services, Sports

Source: Mauro Lupi

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Sante J. Achille

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