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Norway's FAST cuts out the middleman of search advertising

FAST one of the leaders in search engine technologies in the world has launched their private-label monetization platform called AdMomentum for online media publishers, retailers, and telecommunications service providers.

Publishers now can have their own network and advertisers without any third party intervention. AdMomentum will help publishers to build direct relationships with their advertisers with customized interface and advertising options like: Text, Images, Video, and audio.

“There’s no question that search technology and performance advertising have dramatically transformed the world of publishing, but for many publishers the transformation has not paid off as well as it should,” said John M. Lervik, CEO of FAST. “Publishers want to maintain control of their revenue, serving their advertisers and audiences more effectively, and this has been difficult to do with third-party platforms. With FAST AdMomentum, we give that control and independence back to publishers – enabling them for the first time to fully monetize their assets without having to share revenues or risk customer disintermediation.”

Definitely, this new product will compete with Google AdSense & Yahoo Publisher Network since there is no more revenue sharing with this new platform, the publisher can sell his own listings directly to advertisers and spread the ad through his local and/or national network.

FAST will launch this new platform in first quarter of this year; also they did beta testing with one of their clients such as: 24.com, local.com, sesam.no, and sensis.com.au.

Fast’s press release announcement

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