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Naseej launches mobile search engine and directory service in Saudi Arabia

Naseej is one of the popular ISPs in Saudi Arabia has launched mobile search engine and directory called “Daleel Raheeb” http://www.raheeb.com for Saudi market only at least in the first phase. This new service is in Beta version, which works with two mobile operators Jawal and Mobily.

“Daleel Raheeb” aims at indexing mobile content available to users via their mobile operator and third-party content. The WAP site service designed to fit mobile interface and functionality. This service is offered in Arabic language only, since it’s the native language for Saudi people.

Abduljabbar, the president of Naseej said:

The sheer number of content and service providers tapping the mobile channel is immense; it would be near impossible for users to remember each and every premium short code or service URL, this is where Raheeb plays a vital role as a single point of access for users searching for mobile content and for content providers searching for the right vehicle to reach users; for the latter group Raheeb will prove to be much more effective than running expensive newspaper campaigns with very temporary and limited effect at best.

They are going to serve different topics for Saudi mobile users like: News, Stock market, web directory, weather, WAP sites directory, sports, Islam, and misc.

Naseej plans in next phase to widen their service coverage with new mobile operators in other countries. The number of mobile subscribers in Saudi market is 19 million subscribers which is considered the largest market in the region.

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    Is it a mobile vertical search engine? Its really a innovative idea!

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