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Orascom Telecom launches mobile search engine service

The Egyptian’s Orascom Telecom has launched their mobile version of search engine http://www.onkosh.com with .mobi top level domain extension onkosh.mobi that compatible for mobile devices.

“We are very excited about the imminent consumer launch of onkosh.mobi, the mobile version of Orascom’s new Arabic-language search portal, onkosh.com,” said Khaled Bichara, Orascom Telecom Holding Board Member & Chief Fixed and Portal Officer, Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA.

“We will be greatly enhancing this in the coming months on an ongoing basis with data from the dotMobi mobile content database, to give our Arabic users the full mobile web experience.

Onkosh is built from the ground up with the Arabic user in mind, utilizing advanced NLP (Natural Language Processing) to improve search results.”

Orascom Telecom interested to gain share in Internet search market in Middle East because of search advertising opportunity, which there are Google, Araby.com, and Ayna competing to offer Arabic search services with different verticals. Also the mobile search market is increasing in MENA region due to high mobile penetration.

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  1. David Temple says:

    Nice post, mobile search is growing everywhere and the first movers are definitely going to have a huge advantages.

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