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Forbes China Top 10 List For 2012: Who Is China's Best CEO?

Robin Li Baidu CEO While China has seen the first signs of a decelerating economy at the macro-level, the digital landscape largely continues to march on unimpeded. According to a list released earlier today by Forbes China on the country’s top CEOs for 2012, part of the reason is likely attributed to very competent tech CEOs driving forward the online economy.

Robin Li, the founder and CEO of China’s leading search company Baidu, came out on top, followed by Tencent’s Ma Huanteng. To those of you not familiar with Tencent, it’s one of China’s top technology firms whose product portfolio count Qzone (China’s most popular social network) and the QQ instant-messaging platform, just to name a few.

Robin Li’s View On Human Resource Management

Li  has on several occasions made it abundantly clear just how important he perceives human resources to be in the pursuit of driving a sustainable business. Especially in an ever changing industry, training and continuous education of staff is a top priority for the Baidu CEO, who also stresses the vitality of empowering employees by giving them the biggest space possible to develop and excel.

And it’s not all play to the gallery. Li actually walks the talk and points out: “Today, many of the former interns have become chiefs at Baidu or rank among the top experts not only in China but worldwide in technology for search engines.”

While his views on human capital may perhaps not be categorised as particularly ground-breaking by most Westerners, bear in mind that this is the policy of a company which operates in a country that not so long ago was best known for its sweatshops and repression of basic human rights.

Top 10

1. Robin Li, Baidu

2.  Ma Huateng, Tencent

3.  Huang Guanlin, Shenzhou International

4.  Pan Zhengmin, AAC Technologies

5.  Zhang Jianming, Haitian International Holdings

6.  Jiang Bin, GoerTek

7.  Fu Liquan, Zhejiang Dahua Technology

8.  Yang Zhen, Suzhou Mantis Construction Decoration

9.  Yang Yuanqing, Lenovo Group

10.  Huang Jingang, BesTV New Media

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