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German Internet Users Dislike Mobile Ads

Global Marketing News – 5th November 2015

German internet users dislike mobile ads

Mobile internet users in Germany do not like mobile ads, according to research by Nordlight Research.

The majority, 65%, said they had a negative attitude towards mobile ads, such as finding them annoying.

A further 27% had neutral attitudes towards them, saying that they found them neither useful nor bothersome.

Just 8% said they actually had a positive attitude towards mobile ads and found them useful.

There was very little variation in opinion when comparing different age groups.

Germans have a notoriously harsh attitude towards ads, with 24% using ad blocking software on their computers.

World’s worst countries for internet penetration revealed

Research by Internet Live Stats has revealed the worst countries in the world for internet penetration.

Eritrea is the least connected country on the planet, with just 0.9% of the population having access to the internet.

The island of Timor-Leste, located off the coast of Australia, was the second worst country for internet penetration, with just 1% of the population having internet access.

Myanmar, Burundi, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Niger, Ethiopia, Guinea and Congo made the up the rest of the list, with all having internet penetration rates between 1% and 2%.

With 8 of the top 10 worst countries being in Africa, Google has been embarking on project Google Link in the continent to improve internet access, recently laying fibre optic cables in a pilot scheme in Uganda.

Online grocery stores booming in India

Online grocery stores are booming in India.

Unilever recently started selling their range of Knorr soups and Magnum ice creams online and found that sales skyrocketed.

Soup sales doubled within one month of the launch, with Magnum sales also being described as “good”.

A recent report by Goldman Sachs predicted that the Indian ecommerce market will be worth over 100 billion US dollars by 2020, making it a hugely lucrative market for companies wanting to sell their goods online.

Online grocery shopping is growing in popularity in Asia, with the first online-to-offline grocery company having recently launched in Malaysia.

Most popular websites in Sri Lanka revealed

A study has revealed the most popular websites in Sri Lanka.

The number one website in the country is the classifieds website ikman.lk, which allows users to buy and sell items online.

The second most popular website is the online radio website hirufm.lk, making it the most popular radio station in the country.

International social media giant Facebook takes third place, the first international site in the list. In total, 4 of the top 11 sites are international, with Facebook being joined by Google, eBay and Pinterest.

Other website types in the top 11 include the news site Hirunews, the jobs site Topjobs and the cricket site ESPNCricInfo.

The Sri Lankan internet market is relatively immature, with just 3 million Sri Lankans currently have access to the internet, out of a total population of 20 million people.

B2B networking fair to take place in Slovakia

And finally, a B2B networking fair is to take place in Slovakia on Tuesday 10th November.

The Slovak Matchmaking Fair will focus on connecting Slovak businesses who want to expand their businesses abroad with potential international partners and investors.

Around 200 companies from 24 different countries are expected to go to the event, with businesses from locations as diverse as the US, Russia, Hong Kong and Spain set to attend.

The search engine giant Google is also expected to attend the event to give a presentation on how to grow businesses internationally, as well as providing information on conditions in different markets around the world.

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