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Gemma Houghton

German Websites With A Facebook “Like” Button May Be Breaking The Law

Global Marketing News –15th March 2016

German websites with a Facebook “like” button may be breaking the law

A court in Germany has ruled that an ecommerce site’s use of the Facebook “like” button violates the country’s strict data protection laws.

The ecommerce site Peek & Cloppenburg had been sending users’ web browsing data to Facebook when they clicked the Facebook “like” button on their website.

The court ruled that this was illegal because it didn’t ask for the users’ consent or make it clear that clicking “like” would send over their browsing data.

Peek & Cloppenburg may now have to pay a fine of up to a quarter of a million Euros.

Five other websites have also been warned to change their websites to make it clear to users that clicking “like” will send Facebook their browsing data, or risk being fined.

German internet users are extremely privacy-aware, and the country has some of the strictest data protection laws in the world.

Hermes expands BorderGuru service to USA

The European logistics company Hermes is expanding its BorderGuru service to the US.

BorderGuru provides businesses who want to target customers in other countries with logistics, warehouse, ecommerce software and IT solutions. It also helps businesses understand customs duties and fees.

The expansion will help US businesses who want to engage in cross-border ecommerce but lack the resources to build an international distribution network.

A spokesperson from Hermes commented on the expansion, saying that it saw itself as an “enabler” of cross-border ecommerce, and that it hoped to help American businesses get a foothold in European markets.

Online shopping is more popular than ever, and the global ecommerce market grew by 23% last year.

Australians want more ecommerce shipping options

Research by Temando has found that online shoppers in Australia want more shipping options to be available on ecommerce sites.

Around 85% said they expected online stores to offer same-day shipping, with 80% wanting to be able to choose a delivery time, and 75% wanting online stores to offer weekend and after-hours delivery options.

Many ecommerce sites are disappointing customers by not offering these options, however, with only half offering same-day shipping.

Ecommerce sites generally accept that this is something that needs to be improved, with almost 80% admitting they would probably see an increase in sales if they expanded their range of delivery options. 62% also said they thought they’d see a reduction in cart abandonment.

The Australian ecommerce market is worth around 21 billion US dollars, with a digital buyer penetration rate of 80%, equivalent to 12.4 million people.

Alibaba receives $3 billion loan

The Chinese internet giant Alibaba has received a massive 3 billion US dollar loan.

The loan was provided by several international banks, including Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, and will be used by Alibaba over the next 5 years to expand its business and make acquisitions.

It is rumoured that the company will use the money to invest in cars, a Chinese business magazine and online coupons.

It is also allegedly planning to make changes to its ecommerce sites, as well as boost its cross-border ecommerce business.

Bidorbuy adds Bitcoin as a payment option

And finally, the South African ecommerce site Bidorbuy has added Bitcoin as a payment option.

Bitcoin is one of the most popular virtual currencies in the world.

Bidorbuy said it added the payment option to provide customers with more choice and convenience.

Bidorbuy is one of the most popular consumer-to-consumer ecommerce sites in South Africa, with around 80,000 sales taking place on the website every month.

The South African ecommerce market is expected to be worth 37 billion South African rands this year.

Around 70% of South Africans with an internet connection engage in ecommerce, but with internet penetration levels being so low, this accounts for only around 1% of total retail sales, according to estimates by World Wide Worx.

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