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Want to achieve better insights from your LinkedIn campaigns? By making effective use of UTM codes you can really maximise the data from your activities and get great insights from Google Analytics.

Maybe you’re new to LinkedIn, or maybe you have been advertising on it for a while… either way, you probably know that it is possible for you to track the engagement level of posts on the platform itself. However, for deeper insights you need a different tool: Google Analytics.

Through Google Analytics you can measure the effectiveness of your posts, and analyse which activity seems to be most successful in directing people to your website. It’s important for you to understand why your referrals have visited your site, as you’ll know what to invest more in in the future. You can do this by using UTM codes.


UTM codes are simple sets of text added to URLs in a specified format to tell Google Analytics more about the referring source. In order to capture all the data, you need to tag all your URLs manually using UTM codes. To set up UTM codes, you can use Google’s URL builder tool. LinkedIn will automatically convert your URL to a shortened format, but make sure that you use appropriate vocabulary, as users will be able to see it in the address bar.

Consistency is a big deal for data analysis purposes, as it means that you get clean and robust data. Google Analytics doesn’t treat upper and lower case as the same character, so ‘Paid Search’ and ‘paid search’ are treated as different strings. This is why you should develop a glossary of terms and naming conventions that make sense for your purpose. Bear in mind that if you have multiple people in multiple teams publishing content, this all needs to tie together. A glossary of terms will ensure that everyone throughout your organisation is conforming to the same protocols and formats.


UTM tags will appear in Google Analytics in the standard reports for the dimensions described with a UTM tag, but you also have the option of creating custom reports.

Read the full guide ‘Tracking your LinkedIn campaigns on Google Analytics’ here.

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