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Keyword search intent in digital marketing


Intent marketing is a form of marketing focusing on the actions of the customer/user which critically evaluates what the intention behind those actions is. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at user intent and keyword search intent.

By listening to their customers, companies can understand their user behaviour and target their marketing efforts accordingly. However, this is not always easy to do online. Competition is fierce and it’s impossible to see users’ reactions like in real life. Marketers have to rely on intent data collected from platforms such as social media or forums.


What is user intent?

User intent looks at the relevance of certain keywords for the user. Choosing the ones that match the user intent when creating your content will potentially generate higher page views and conversion rates. To better understand user intent, it’s helpful to look at the customer journey from the awareness to the retention stage, where the interest, evaluation, and decision stages are key. Having content to cover these three stages is essential.

What is keyword search intent?

Keyword search intent looks at the keywords the user types into the search engine, and the reasons why people search for specific ones. The results provided by all search engines are based on what the engine thinks was the user’s intent when typing in that keyword, often established on the basis of what most users would search for, or current events. This is narrowed down by sets of user data the search engine collects and uses to decide what results to cover.  Forums, review pages, or knowledge pages assume that the user was looking for information, while results of pages where you can buy something imply the intent to convert.

Would you like to find out more about the differences in user intent between mobile and voice search, or how and when to use user intent? Read our full guide here.

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Anna Troidl

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