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Google Israel to support Adsense in Hebrew

Last week, Israeli Google CEO, Mr. Meir Brand, announced that the AdSense features are finally supported for Hebrew advertisers and publishers.
The back office translated interface is a bit clumsy, but still better then nothing.
Till this statement, many Hebrew site owners integrated the non supported version to their sites having a handful of encoding issues and dir=rtl/ltr difficulties.

The updated page from Google AdSense that states the supported languages.

3 Responses to Google Israel to support Adsense in Hebrew

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  2. AvatarQais Al Khateeb says:

    Definitely, this will help Goolg to attract publishers in Hebrew language which will offer a good opportunity to Israeli advertisers for high targeting in term of content language support and local business support. Making bigger & relevant advertising network will attract more local advertisers to spend more. I expect more from Google to support many languages for AdSense Content.

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