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Contexual advertising in Russia at $110m

According to research carried out by Begun.ru, Rambler and Yandex’s turnover in contexual advertising in 2006 was $110m. The market has risen 2½ times since the 2005 figure of $45m.

The turnover of media advertising in 2006 amounted to $100m, showing a growth of 1.6 times compared to 2005. This is the first time in history of Runet that contexual advertising leads online media in terms of growth but also in absolute value. The online advertising market as a whole is estimated to be $200m

The main factor affecting the growth of the market is the effectiveness of contextual advertising for the majority of businesses. For the foreseeable future this will maintain the trend, at a minimum, of doubling the market annually”, says Alexei Bassov, Begun.ru CEO.

“The Internet has been recognized as a strategic resource for advertising,” says Alexei Tretiakov, Sales Manager of Yandex.

Internet advertising amounted to 3% of the total advertising market in Russia in 2006, up from 2% in 2005.

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  1. Qais Al Khateeb says:

    Small-Medium businesses are interested in contextual advertising since they can make higher conversions with targeted campaigns. The global sales for contextual advertising in 2006 was $6.4 billion and it’s increasing year after year.

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