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Google misses out on translations

The world’s largest search engine misses out on localization, how? Spelling error, I’m I feeling lucky button was changed to “Freysta gæfunnar”, the problem is that there is no y in freysta so the search engine that has 50% of the Icelandic population searching is greeting the Icelandic nation with a spelling error! Pls. Google fix this it is hurting my feelings!

Y oh Y Google

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Kristjan Mar Hauksson

5 Responses to Google misses out on translations

  1. Olafur says:

    Most of the typos we highlighted have now been corrected. Thank U Google, you had us worried for a while!

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  3. Optimise Your Web says:

    Not only is there a mistake in the I’m I feeling lucky button was changed to “Freysta gæfunnar”, But also “Leita á Vefur”, that should be “Leita á vefnum” with no big V.

  4. Everyone makes mistakes Kristjan – even Google!

  5. Kristjan Mar Hauksson says:

    As always Google moves quickly, I am told by an insider that this will be forwarded to the Google Web Master team to be fixed ASAP. So know the proud viking nation in the north waits for the y to go out and a i to enter. Just to have it on the table Google we do love that you have translated your interface to Icelandic, thanks for that, but loose the y.

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