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Google signs up 8th AdWords agent in China

Google, the world’s leading search engine service provider, authorized Shenzhen Metropolis Search to sell Google AdWords service in Shenzhen and the Shantou area of Guangdong Province in southern China. Shenzhen Metropolis Search was set up in 2005.

CE Dongli Technology Group Co., Ltd. (www.ce.net.cn), the largest Internet application service provider in China, was designated the first authorized reseller of Google AdWords advertisements in China. Xiamen Chinasource Internet Service, Shanghai Hotsales Network Information Technology, Guangdong City Moveage Technology and Beijing Zibolan Technology Development became Google’s agents later. Hangzhou Ecentral Internet Technology Company and Suzhou Universal Internet Media were added in April 2006.

Among the other agents, CE Dongli and Xiamen Chinasource are allowed to operate the AdWord advertisement business nationwide while the other five are regional agents. Fan Meiyong, general manger of Hangzhou Ecentral Internet, believes that Google will add more agents later to strengthen its localized services.

Zhou Shaoning, who is responsible for the Chinese sales and service development for Google.com, says that Google.com plans to provide professional and practical network promotion service for Chinese domestic companies, particularly medium and small enterprises through its agent system. At the same time, it will train these agents to help enterprises achieve better ad effect.

Sources: iResearchTMC Net

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