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Google stealing international market share from Yahoo!

As seen on Threadwatch, Forbes is running an article on the Google taking market share from Yahoo! within international markets.

Citing data culled by comScore, Bear Stearns said Google’s international market share in November rose to 71.3% from 68.9% in the prior month. Google’s growth rate was almost double the rate of that of the entire search industry, the firm noted.

The data also implies that Yahoo! is losing market share to Google in the growing European search markets, according to Peck.

I found this quite an interesting story but rather vague on the specific markets concerned. Here in Russia there has been no noticeable fall in Yahoo!’s rather small percentage of the action. They were reported by LiveInternet (the third party statistic engine) to have 0.6% today, although this seems to have been a small blip in the figures, they have been running at 0.8% for the last three weeks. In December, I reported Yahoo! as having a 0.9% market share. Google is today at 13.4%, ever so slightly down from the 14.3% reported in the same article.

I acknowledge the article points more to European search markets so wondered what the consensus was from our regional experts here at MLS. Do you agree with the Forbes findings?

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4 Responses to Google stealing international market share from Yahoo!

  1. Rasmus Sørensen says:

    The picture is certainly the same in Scandinavia where Google is sitting on at least 60-70% overall compared to Yahoo’s 2-3% (Quite a bit more than in Russia though Nick?)
    As mentioned, since they closed down their local sites and fired all the local “Surfers” and the rest of the staff, traffic from Yahoo has sliped below the radar on many sites in most European countries.

    As shame really, now that many search engines are dipping their toes in local search and personalised search. Yahoo seems to be going the other way, but as we all know running a (quality) directory can be expensive and maybe the revenue just couldn’t justify having real people building it?

  2. Georgi Georgiev says:

    Wow, it must be the ads, on the right side, since I wrote “AdSense” instead of “AdWords” with such a confidence…

  3. Georgi Georgiev says:

    Well, I can confirm that Google rules in Bulgaria while Yahoo is nowhere to be seen. As far as search engines PPC is conserned – one word encapsulates it all in the minds of Bulgarian advertisers – “AdSense”. Since the beginning of 2005 we have seen more and more of them willing to get in the PPC game with Google AdSense – both on the Bulgarian and on the international scene. In contrast – I have not seen a single Bulgarian advertisment on Yahoo or MSN…

  4. AussieWebmaster says:

    The fact that Yahoo International was dropping countries at the end of 2004 while Google was adding them was not discussed as much then since people were still learning the PPC game in English.
    Eventually the loss of these markets became an obvious mistake and Yahoo! has been running after them ever since. Buying Terespondo and other national engines as well as pushing more into the international market place – driven to a large degree by requests from their users.

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