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HP to load Baidu on computers in China

Baidu, China’s largest search engine and Hewlitt Packard have announced that all HP Pavilion and HP Presario series computers that are sold in China will come with Baidu already loaded. HP users will be able to use Baidu’s search engine service through the embedded IE browser homepage or address search, without having to navigate to the Baidu website. They will also be able to access the Baidu homepage by pressing a shortcut key.

China is already a major battleground between the number one PC vendor, Dell and HP, the number two vendor. The search engine landscape is also highly competitive with Baidu leading Yahoo and Google. The aim of this collaboration between HP, a leading hardware manufacturer and Baidu, the leading local Internet search service provide, is to improve user experience.

Jerry Liu, CTO of Baidu, said “We try to ensure a ubiquitous search service, and help users to get the information they need easily. We are glad to collaborate with leading companies such as HP to provide users with the products and service they need. ”

HP China consumer PC director Wee Kee Yeo said: “The trend of individualisation is spreading quickly through the entire IT industry. HP is trying to achieve the ideal integration of innovative technologies and individualisation to bring true individualised experience to its users.”

Sources: The Inquirer Tech Web

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