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IAB Brazil launches SEM glossary

IAB Brazil’s Search Engine Marketing Committee launched last week a SEM Glossary. Main objective is educate the market about main terms and definitions.

The document is in portuguese and is available for download at IAB website

Members of IAB Brazil SEM Committee are major search engines and portals, among them Google, Yahoo, MSN, Buscapé, UOL, IG, and SEM agencies such as AgênciaClick, Cadastra, FBiz, HotList, MediaContacs, MídiaClick, MídiaDigital and Neo@Ogilvy, and vendors (Predicta and Unica).

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Marcelo SantIago

2 Responses to IAB Brazil launches SEM glossary

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  2. Seems like a very simple way to improve understanding of the industry. I remember a boss I had once telling me to learn just one new term every day and that it would help with forward progress. I’m sure he was right!

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