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International Search Summit Barcelona 2021 speaker spotlight: Gemma Fontané

The International Search Summit is returning to Barcelona as an in-person event on 18 November 2021!

Gemma Fontané, an SEO Consultant and the Founder of denadal.cat, will be one of the speakers.

She will be giving a talk on a multilingual strategy case study, looking at the differences, successes and failures between international and local markets.

We asked her some quick-fire questions to get to know her better and to whet our appetites for the event!

Describe yourself in three words.

Curious, dynamic and proactive!

What is your talk about?

My talk is about a real project. It is a case study of an idea I had six months ago, which was to start selling traditional Catalan Christmas products online. I am going to explain in which countries I am selling, why, in which languages, and through which channels. I am going to share how it is working so far, what I have learnt, and what I think I could have done better.

Why should people attend the International Search Summit?

You should attend because I think it is a great opportunity to learn from a lot of different experts. You will learn new strategies, new actions, and new ways of approaching new ideas, which can be really useful for your future strategies or your current strategy. If you are interested in international SEO and PPC, it is a really great place to come!

What do you love about your job?

What I like the most about SEO and PPC is that it is so different. You can do a lot of different tasks whilst working. For example, you can optimise content, create new content, do technical audits, and analyse. I like how different and diverse this can be.

What is your favourite social channel?

I will go for Twitter. I really like this channel as it is a place where people share their knowledge. It is a good place to keep up to date with the latest news from the sector, to meet new people, and to maintain connections.

What is your biggest tip?

Prioritise. Always prioritise. I think in international SEO it is really important to define your goals and prioritise your regions, languages or whatever, because sometimes less is more. If you want to cover the whole world with your international strategy, sometimes it is too much, so it is better to do good research and focus your efforts on more concrete regions and locations.

Want to attend Gemma’s talk, as well as talks by a whole range of other expert speakers in the field of international digital marketing? Then book your ticket to the International Search Summit Barcelona 2021 now!

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