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International Search Summit Barcelona 2021 speaker spotlight: Mario Herrera Pérez

The International Search Summit is returning to Barcelona as an in-person event on 18 November 2021!

Mario Herrera Pérez, CMO at BYHOURS, will be one of the speakers.

He will be giving a talk on how to leverage online platforms to grow globally.

We asked him some quick-fire questions to get to know him better and to whet our appetites for the event!

Describe yourself briefly.

I would say I am an analytical person. In my personal life, I analyse everything around me and observe everything. In my professional life, I love analysing data.

I would also say I am energetic. I always put passion into everything I do and always start new projects!

What do you love about your job?

I love discovering what users need and want, and offering them solutions. Especially when you are working at an international level, it is great to be able to understand different cultures and see what services or new opportunities you can offer them.

What is your talk about?

I will speak about how, in my company, we try to leverage the different platforms and channels that we use to engage with all the users across the world in all the different countries that we offer hotels by the hour.

Why should people attend the International Search Summit?

Well, I would say, why should you not?! I mean, it is a top event with top speakers from many cultures and many countries, and you get to know them and to understand more where the world is going, especially digitally-speaking. What else do you need to attend, right?

What is the most creative campaign you have ever seen?

There are many, from the old times; I remember Nike on TV. Moving on to more recent times, I would say all the challenges that Burger King is doing with McDonald’s on social media, creating viral content. Or, how Netflix is doing so amazingly.

If you were a superhero, what powers would you have?

Whenever someone asks me that question, I always say teleportation! That, for me, is the best superpower.

What is your favourite book?

One book that impacted me when I was a teenager was Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder. It is a novel about the history and evolution of philosophy and I really recommend it! It made me see things from a different perspective.

Want to attend Mario’s talk, as well as talks by a whole range of other expert speakers in the field of international digital marketing? Then book your ticket to the International Search Summit Barcelona 2021 now!

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