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International Search Summit Barcelona 2021 speaker spotlight: Jo Juliana Turnbull

The International Search Summit is returning to Barcelona as an in-person event on 18 November 2021!

Jo Juliana Turnbull, a Marketing Consultant, will be one of the speakers.

She will be giving a talk on saying “yes” to international projects, even if you do not think you have the resources.

We asked her some quick-fire questions to get to know her better and to whet our appetites for the event!

Describe yourself in three words.

If I were to describe myself in three words, they would be “honest”, “motivated” and “thoughtful”. Anyone who knows me knows that I do not beat around the bush! I am very transparent and honest, but I am also very thoughtful and mindful of others. I am very driven. I want to get things done in an organised way.

What is your talk about?

My talk is about saying “yes!” to international projects, even if you feel you may not tick all those boxes. I am going to be talking about how to take on those bigger international projects as a consultant or agency or even within an in-house team, if perhaps you do not have all the skills or resources to do the job at that time. I will also talk about the international community, especially the one online that I have been a part of that has helped me with my career and especially on some of these projects in 2021.

Why should people attend the International Search Summit?

Everyone should attend the International Search Summit because it is run by a fantastic team! I have been coming to the International Search Summit since September 2012. I first went to one in New York, then I went to a few in London, and I have been to many in Barcelona. There are always great speakers, I always learn so much from the events, and the talks are always based on case studies so it is not theoretical, it is actual practical advice that you can go and take away and implement straight away.

What do you love about your job?

What I love about my job and the wider industry is the fact that there is always so much to learn. It is a very dynamic industry and there are a lot of people in our community that can help you. They are always willing to give you the time of day, which is great!

Who inspires you?

The people that inspire me are actually my parents. They have done so much. They have come from humble backgrounds but they have always supported me even though I perhaps did not go the traditional route of working for a big corporate company all of my life. I decided to be freelance in a few different countries and then I decided to move to Australia and to Barcelona.

What was your first job?

My first job was actually working at Pizza Hut delivery! I was the receptionist. I really actually wanted to be a delivery driver but I was not able to drive at that time.

Best life advice?

The best life advice I have had is: do not count the days, make the days count. My mum said that to me during this pandemic and it really helped a lot.

Want to attend Jo Juliana’s talk, as well as talks by a whole range of other expert speakers in the field of international digital marketing? Then book your ticket to the International Search Summit Barcelona 2021 now!

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