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International Search Summit – Worldvision Paid Search Strategy – How to Sing in Tune with Emerging Markets

10 DOs and 10 Don’ts when turning to the emerging markets

Lesley RichardsSamia Kesseiri of Web Certain

  • Reach your marketKeyword researchSegmentation and geotargeting
  • Decide on your budget
  • Localize your objectives
  • Media Placement
  • Landing page localization (landing page relevancy – unique sale propositions …)
  • Track it !
  • Campaign performance analysis
  • Test it !

What not to do …

  • Political factors
  • Don’t assume everyone purchases online
  • Algerians research online and buy offline
  • In China payments are mostly Cash on delivery, not with a credit card
  • Geotargeting is essential in big countries (see Brasil for example)
  • CPC can vary considerably – don’t expect to pay less in India than in the UK
  • English is used in B2B – don’t think you need to go local always …
  • Don’t “translate” your website, localise
  • Local Search Engine & media placement don’t think global, go local
  • Don’t underestimate brand awareness that generic terms can offer
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