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Internet marketing and advertising conference in Iceland

The annual Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference and Expo (RIMC) will be taking place on Friday 8th February at the Hilton Nordica in Reykjavik, Iceland. The conference focuses on Internet marketing and advertising, and the possibilities created by employing a structured promotional approach and focused advertising campaigns.

Speakers include international and Icelandic experts in media and marketing. The conference is ideal for anyone who works in, or is interested in, business on the Internet. The conference will appeal to marketing and advertising people, web editors, sales- and marketing managers as well as directors of small and large businesses.

Among speakers are people that either work for or have worked with such companies as Aftonbladed, MBL, Sky, BBCa and Wenger Group to mention few.

For more info go to www.rimc.is

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Kristjan Mar Hauksson

7 Responses to Internet marketing and advertising conference in Iceland

  1. AvatarJeff Paul success stories says:

    Great post! My friend runs a small business we do internet marketing for companies and so a lot of our e-newsletter, blog and seminar content revolve around for promotion. Thanks!!!

  2. AvatarJeff Paul Internet Millions says:

    Sometimes internet marketer thinks that visitors get attracted to the web and the products just because the webmaster is qualified enough to draw people, but that is not the thing. Visitors only get attracted to the products that will benefit them in any way.

  3. AvatarOptimise Your Web says:

    Great conference with over 300 people and 15 companies showing their products and services. See the pictures here; http://flickr.com/photos/nordic_emarketing/sets/72157603873198127/ – New RIMC coming up in mars 2009.

  4. AvatarInternet Marketing says:

    Always nice to see when internet marketing conference are being held outside of the US.

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