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Ireland's Bad Broadband Penetration

According to the OECD latest figures, Ireland’s broadband penetration is one of the weakest in the world.

Out of 31 countries surveyed, Ireland ranks 22nd with 20.3 per cent of broadband penetration. The average is around 24.3 per cent for the 31 countries surveyed.

Ireland currently has 907,859 fixed broadband subscriptions including DSL, cable and fibre (OECD 2010).

Fiber connection in Ireland is as bad as it is in Germany, Belgium, Finland and Switzerland, representing 1 per cent vs. countries such as Japan (54pc), Korea (49pc), Czech Republic (10pc), US (5pc), Italy (3pc) and the Netherlands (2pc).

As for mobile broadband, Ireland is not doing so bad with 47.1 per cent ranking 6th out of 31 of the OECD rankings – Korea 95 per cent, Sweden 75 per cent, Japan 75 per cent, Norway 72 per cent and Poland 48.3 per cent penetration.

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