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Italian online consumers prefer search engines

A recent study reported by SPOT & WEB Media Communications Magazine shows an increase in search engine usage as a key element to identify products prior to purchasing on line or off line.

The survey was carried out by SEMS and Nextplora and shows
94% of Italians relying on search engines (Google, Virgilio, YAHOO!, and MSN) as the most effective means to access up to date information and shows a drop in portal popularity down to 29% of users.

The survey reports:

83% of users consult search engines on a daily basis (+9%)
of these, 22% declare to use them on a regular basis, and 61% rely on search when evaluating their options prior to any purchase.

What are Italians purchasing ?

  • Computers and computer accessories (60%)
  • Telephones and accessories (57%)
  • Electronics (40%)
  • Tickets for events (23%)
  • Household appliances (17%)
  • Books and periodicals (23% down from 38% in 2005)
  • Tourism (36% down from 49% in 2005)
  • Insurance and finance (9% down from 19% in 2005)

Where are Italian purchasing ?

  • 24% of those interviewed declared to prefer on line shopping
  • 16% of those interviewed declared to shop off line
  • 60% of those interviewed shop indifferently depending on circumstances and opportunities

The study concludes that search engines are the focal point for the majority of Italians online today, who recently tend to prefer search tools rather than vertical portals for both on line and off line shopping in a growing variety of fields.

Source: Spot & Web

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