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Italians trust blogs more than traditional media

A News Flash from ANSA publishes the results of a survey on blogs and the quality/reliability of the blogosphere.

Splinder, Swg, University of Trieste and Punto Informatico joined forces to interview 4,000 bloggers and blog readers.

Blogs are viewed as more interesting than newspapers as information is unfiltered and free from editorial guidelines.

The truth is the average Italian is still far away from blogs and blogging. Recent coverage of baby blogger Thomas reveals great attention and how the blogosphere is under scrutiny by mainstream media.

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Sante J. Achille

2 Responses to Italians trust blogs more than traditional media

  1. Sante J. Achille says:

    Quite correct – we all have our point of view. What is essential is that news finds its way to the general public – this is not the case in most instances.

    Blogs will be biassed but at least you have the option of reading more than one to hear what people are saying and that’s a lot better than no news at all

  2. AussieWebmaster says:

    some blogs are just news…. and faster than most main stream media and in those cases they are a good source.. learning whose view you share is the trick.
    all media is biassed

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