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It is all about the love! What do you love?

Google has launched a new crossover search portal called “What do you love?” under the http://www.wdyl.com domain name.

What do you love homepage

It aggregates in a non Google conventional way your search query results:
  • books
  • news
  • Google groups based discussions
  • product search and shopping
  • classic search results
  • photos linked to cloud images hosting and sharing service Picasa
  • blog results linked to blogging platform solution Blogger
  • video search results via cloud based social video sharing platform YouTube
  • location via Google Maps and Google Earth
  • translation service via Google Translate
  • etc.

What do you love result for TargetOnlineMarketing.com

Google, Google, Google, Google, lol… Have you had enough yet?
I quite like the navigation joystick on the side!
Of course, it works a lot better with generic terms such as “Peace” or “Love” but have fun. What do you love searching – your own name, your brand, your company or whatever bad word you can think of?
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