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Jeteye brings a new perspective to search and search engines

Jeteye beta, is an innovative way to search and share search results. Recently launched on August 23rd, jeteye offers the user a completely new way of exploring the web and organizing search results clustered in so-called “jetpacks”.

The jetpack concept is central to a community of users surfing the web and sharing their search results. As the number of users grows, so does the jetpack with the an increasing amount of links and information focusing on a specific subject.

There is no limit to what can be done with jetpacks: A user can create jetpacks after travelling to Tuscany with links to hotels and restaurants for others to use as a future reference. The jetpack can then be circulated amongst friends and made available to other jeteye users who may add their experience, unique content and knowledge.

Jeteye search engine results pages propose jetpacks as preferred search results, followed by search engine results provided by Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, and MSN.

The website interface and the registration process is simple and takes only a few minutes to register and login.

The creation and distribution of a jetpack is straight forward.

Jeteye have opened a blog at http://blog.jeteye.com/

Shireen Piramoon, Vice President of Communications has accepted to answer a few questions I prepared that will help our readers better understand how jeteye works and why they should use it.

Hi Shireen,
Thank you for your time and welcome to Multilingual Search.

    1. Q We are interested in knowing a bit more about jeteye – would you like to briefly introduce jeteye ? ?

      A – Jeteye was developed to greatly improve the relevancy and context of searchable content. We have built a platform for the second generation of search and we are the first mass market product to collect multiple forms of online information, integrate the collected content with personal context, and make that ‘search package’ searchable and shareable. Jeteye enables users to search, manage and distribute information to make search and online exploration and publishing a more relevant, intuitive and collaborative process.

    2. QWould you like to share your vision of the search market and your objectives ?
      A – Search is about leveraging the power of many. What has been missing is the integration of knowledge and the human filter that when added to information found on-line, becomes more useful, interesting and collaborative. We wanted to develop a product we thought was lacking in the experience of collecting and publishing content. Jeteye gives users the ability to search, manage and distribute information to make search and online exploration and publishing a more relevant, intuitive and collaborative process.
    3. QIs there a particular segment of the search market you are targeting ?
      A – We created Jeteye to be a mass consumer product that also finds applications across any vertical area of discipline. Creating a network around a topic or point of interest is inherent in the product.
    4. QJetpacks are an innovative way to catalyze the creation of a community around a theme or topic – will you monitor the quality of jetpacks ?
      A – We rate them in two ways. Each search package is ranked algorithmically and includes relevancy, type, and amount of content in addition to being rated by users
    5. Q Your Search Product is born “multilingual” i.e. any user can run a query and create a jetpack in any language – what is your view on geotargeting and local search ?
      A – We have provided a tool in which networks are created from ‘like-interested’ people. Geotargeting and local search become infinite networks by the very nature of the sharing and searching web activity activity.
    6. QDo your plans foresee the opening of offices in Europe ?
      A – We currently have engineers working in Bulgaria and have European and Asian offices in our future plan. My personal preferrance would be for an office in Italy!
    7. QWill you provide a Directory of jetpacks ?
      A – The user now has the ability to search packages based on topic, tag, and user alias or name. We will be rolling out more search directory features in the upcoming releases .

Sante: Thank you very much for your contribution

Shireen: You’re very welcome !

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Sante J. Achille

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