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Korean site drags Google into david-goliath match

“Don’t be evil? Don’t trust Google!”

Google was accused by a Korean community site(www.humoruniv.com) of not paying the Korean site for having Google’s AdSense on its Web site for two months. The site was supposed to receive a check of around 20 million won, but only received an e-mail from Google saying that it terminated the contract because the site violated the program’s rules raising the number of clicks. Google refused to give evidence saying it is its “corporate policy to keep secret how the detecting system works.’’

The humoruniv web site has been flooded with negative comments and there are many claims from other web sites that were treated in the same way by Google after running Google’s AdSense.

The Korea Times

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3 Responses to Korean site drags Google into david-goliath match

  1. match sites says:

    I would like to see the outcome of this as google is the monopolist at the moment, hence can do whatever they want.

  2. Magicboy says:

    and.. the Naver prevents other search engines from gathering Naver’s blog, Q&A, communitis… that’s why 68% of Korean use Naver.( There are so many data in Naver )

  3. Ebina Cho says:

    One reason is that Naver can deliver more relevant search results than Google can. Naver offers a mix of categories including blogs, naver answers and community sites while Google delivers only list of site links.

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