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Keynote says Google is China's favorite search engine

Keynote Systems (Nasdaq “KEYN”), conducted a study of 1,200 internet users in China and Google outperformed its competitors in 11 of 13 factors measured. Chris Sherman, Associate Editor at Search Engine Watch blogs about this study and adds some great background information. It’s hard to tell what this means when CCID Consulting Co., a research firm under the Ministry of Information Industry, reported at the end of last year that Baidu’s market share was 62.5 percent compared with Google’s 21.7 percent. Other reports indicate the same disparity. Maybe Google just needs more exposure. With ex Microsoft Kai Fu Lee at the helm and ex Marketing Director of Yahoo! China now Country Marketing Head at Google, Celia Pan, only time will tell. We’ll keep watching!

Sources: Search Engine Watch, Shanghai Daily, Webpro News

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