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Google imitates Zoeken.nl?

According to news on SEW is Google currently testing a feature which we know from the Dutch Search Engine Zoeken.nl as keyword-clustering. Google offers this new tool as a “quick result”. We have already seem this tool at Google Base but this is the first time that it is applied in the regular organic search results.

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2 Responses to Google imitates Zoeken.nl?

  1. Paul says:

    Good point Nick!! The only thing we see in the Netherlands is that the local Search companies don’t have deals with local Search Engines.

    I think they local Search companies are working to get deals with the Search Engines, only with the Big3 (MSN, Y!, GOOG)…unfortunately I have to say…

  2. Paul says:

    The only way to beat Google is to have less commercials (paid listings), better results (less spam) or to present it differently. Google can be beaten on the first and last point. I think they really innovate poorly on the flied of user interface.

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