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Leveraging Global Content To Drive Success In International Search

A fantastic presentation about leveraging global content earned international search marketing expert Bill Hunt the Medallion Speaker award at last week’s International Search Summit in San Jose.

In his session, Bill discussed different ways organisations can use content to increase search traffic and conversions. Some of his key tips included:

  • Develop a shared language content strategy. Identify the top keywords in each market and align common words and content from different country sites, which use the same language, to gather scale
  • Map searcher intent. Breakdown searches on a keyword into categories e.g. searches for diabetes can be seperated into understand, diagnose, treat, live with and use that information to match keywords to the most relevant landing pages.
  • Structure your management system to integrate global strategy with local country implementation and localise global content to make it relevant for each market.
  • Make the most of all content – including template and top-level content optimisation – e.g. make sure all content on the page fully indexable, including navigations, ensure that all page titles and meta data are optimised, check that search engines are able to follow all links on the page.
  • Organsations with global websites can enhance the value of their content through interlinking between sites – however should link each page to a similar/relevant page on the other country sites, rather than just including home page links.
  • Develop content to satisfy a user need e.g. how to guides or product usage information.
  • Compare glossary in translation memory tools to keyword lists to make sure they match up

Other speakers at the one day event, which was held as part of SMX West, included Maura Ginty of Autodesk, Andy Atkins-Krueger from WebCertain, Philippe Pieri from Cisco and LinkedIn Co-Founder Konstantin Guericke. Watch out for further posts around the International Search Summit sessions.

The next International Search Summit will take place in Munich on April 4th, followed by London on May 18th. The next US Summit will be in Seattle as part of SMX Advanced, and the agenda for that event will be released later this week.

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Gemma Houghton

Director of Marketing at Webcertain
Gemma has worked in international search marketing for over 15 years and is Director of Marketing at Webcertain, overseeing all marketing activities for the Group. She also organises and programmes Webcertain’s International Search Summit and International Social Summit, Barcelona-based conferences focusing on international and multilingual digital marketing. Gemma holds a Professional Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, a Diploma in Management and Leadership from the Chartered Management Institute, and a BA joint honours degree in French and German.

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